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The Journey of Monique: Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain

person with knee painMonique, an active woman, had been putting up with chronic knee pain for 20 years. This pain interfered with her daily activities and even disturbed her sleep. Despite initial chiropractic treatments with Active Release Technique (ART), her condition worsened after a fall.

Dr. Abercrombie told her that Abercrombie Chiropractic would be getting a shockwave unit and to hold off until we were up and running with the therapy.

Monique’s doctor, however, advised her to wait before starting shockwave therapy, a recommendation that disheartened Dr. Abercrombie. Given the potential of the tool to alleviate her suffering, he encouraged her to learn more about the incredible benefits of the therapy. He provided her video testimonials from patients who had experienced significant improvements with their knee problems following shockwave therapy.

From Pain to Relief

Fortunately, Monique kept her appointment for shockwave therapy. On her first session, her pain level dropped from eight to four out of 10, and she could squat another eight to 10 inches. The most remarkable thing was that she hardly thought about her knee throughout the week.

In Monique’s second session, we brought her pain down to zero, and she could squat even further. However, her third session was challenging, as she had overexerted herself by walking five miles home, which set her back a bit.

A New Lease on Life

Despite the setback, Monique returned for her fourth session, reporting that her knees felt great. She could squat deeper than before, with her hamstrings nearly parallel to the floor. Her previously crunchy knees were significantly less so, and she could finally sleep through the night without pain.

Hope in the Face of Chronic Pain

Monique’s story is a testament to the power of innovative therapies like shockwave in treating chronic conditions. Despite the setbacks, she remained determined and experienced a tremendous improvement in her knee pain. With her newfound mobility, Monique is once again able to engage in the active lifestyle she loves. And that makes us so happy!

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

If pain has sidelined you, we want to help you get back to what you love in life! Contact Abercrombie Chiropractic today to book an appointment and watch Monique’s story on YouTube. We offer shockwave therapy at both our Fremont and Danville locations.

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