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Shockwave Therapy: a Game Changer for Two Patients

person with wrist/hand painEvery day, we are honored to help patients get out of pain, so they can enjoy their favorite activities without discomfort. Here are two who experienced remarkable relief with shockwave therapy at Abercrombie Chiropractic:

No More Numbness

Brandon started developing radiating pain from his neck into his shoulder. When he’d move his neck in a certain position, he’d get numbness in his arm down to his pinkie. The pain affected his sleep, as his arm would be uncomfortable, and he’d have to move it a certain way or hang it off the bed for a while. About every 15-20 minutes throughout the day, Brandon would have to change the position of his arm.

Dr. Abercrombie started providing him with chiropractic care, which helped reduce his pain. He then recommended shockwave therapy, and Brandon wanted to try it. He recently came in after his fourth session and expressed that he has no pain and feels great. Brandon’s numbness is also gone, and he has restored range of motion in his arm. Watch our YouTube video to learn more about his journey.

Sleeping Through the Night

Patty had had a shoulder replacement and a hip replacement and the surrounding scar tissue bothered her. In her lower right hip, she experienced persistent pain when she moved and performed chores. Patty’s pain level was about a five out of 10 until she had her first shockwave therapy session in the areas around the replacements. The shockwave therapy broke up the scar tissue and improved it and her discomfort diminished dramatically in her hip and shoulder after that session.

Patty is now sleeping through the night and is able to be more active. She expressed to Dr. Abercrombie, “You know, I started thinking, ‘can I start to feel good?'” Patty said she might become ambitious again which we think is amazing! Watch her YouTube video to find out more.

Put Pain in Your Past

You don’t have to resign yourself to putting up with pain. We offer an effective solution with shockwave therapy. Contact us today to book an appointment. Shockwave therapy is offered at both our Fremont and Danville locations.


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