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Neck Pain Relief

man with neck painNeck pain is becoming a widespread problem as more people spend their day looking down at a screen. Your body was created to be in an upright position that equipped you for a lifestyle of walking, hunting, and gathering. As we’ve devolved into a sitting position, our spines have lost their natural curve. The slumped posture that has become normal puts tremendous stress on your spine, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves, leading to pain in the neck and throughout the body.

The Damaging Effects of Tech Neck

The average head weighs 10-12 pounds. For every inch your head is forward, the amount of weight on your neck doubles. Imagine that you’re holding a bowling ball. You could hold it close to your shoulders for a while, but holding it away from your body would put more stress on your elbows and biceps. In the same way, forward head posture stresses the neck and creates neurological issues.

Helping You Achieve Total Wellness

Many patients with neck problems also have shoulder dysfunction. The nerves in your neck run to the shoulders, and the shoulder muscles attach to the neck, so a problem in either area can easily cause pain or lack of movement in the other. At Abercrombie Chiropractic, we often adjust both the neck and the shoulder, especially if you waited to come in until both areas were out of alignment.

Dr. Abercrombie will build a plan of care to help you change whichever dysfunction is affecting your spine. We may use a combination of movement, stretches, stabilization, and posture work to help you improve your workstation and develop healthier habits throughout the day.

One patient with numbness and tingling had been told surgery was his only option. His MRI showed a badly herniated disc in his neck. After three months of care, his neck pain went away completely! We continue to see him weekly to keep his neck moving, and pain still hasn’t come back.

Discover Your Potential Today

It’s hard to be your best when you’re in pain. Book now so we can help you feel great again.

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