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Back Pain Relief

lady on couch with low back painBack pain can come from acute injuries like falls, traumas, or accidents. In most cases, however, dysfunction in the low back builds up over time. For many patients, injuries during childhood cause spinal problems that worsen gradually and finally present as pain and dysfunction in adulthood. Ignoring pain, working through it, or covering it with medication or alcohol simply delays the problem.

If you ignore a cavity, it’s likely to turn into a bigger, more expensive problem requiring a root canal or implant. In the same way, responding to pain early produces better outcomes and requires less care to resolve.

Finding the Root Cause of Pain

At Abercrombie Chiropractic, we look for the bigger picture to understand the root cause of pain. Dr. Abercrombie will check your range of motion and any areas that are extra tight, tender, swollen, or painful. He’ll also examine your surrounding muscles and hamstrings to see how widespread the problem is.

After that, we’ll take X-rays to look for signs of degeneration and plan the best solution for you. We have X-rays on site at both of our offices.

Our Approach

Adjustments are our bread and butter when it comes to providing effective relief. If you have a joint that’s not moving, we simply have to move it more. Since red blood cells replace themselves every 90-100 days, in just three or four months we can help your body dissolve unhealthy structures and replace them with healthier tissues.

It’s important to follow through with your full plan of care. You may experience relief after a few visits, but it takes time to correct the root problem.

We’ll show you a few exercises you can do at home to keep your joints moving. If you need further strengthening work, we’ll refer you to a physical therapist or conditioning coach.

One patient’s back pain made it hard for her to sleep or do daily activities. After her first adjustment, she was pain-free all weekend and came back finally feeling like herself!

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